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We are a Alternative Cuisine
Why? We give ppl an alternative to common stable food to something more exotic. I.e honey graze crocodile ribs. Currently at once upon a bar we are have a 2-5pm crazy hour offer. bottled imported beer is going at $5 only. 




Project aGNIa

aGNIa (A modern concoction of meaning, Derived from two etymologies, “GNI”, Sanskirt for Fire, representing our spirits, and “AGNES”, Greek derivation for a name which incorporates Pure and Immaculate. aGNIa represents a masculine and feminine quality that beholds our vision, mission and aim.


25 Church Street 
Capital Square 3
Singapore 049482



Alternative Cuisine


Best For :

Dinner, Chill with friends


Price Range :



Opening Hours :

Monday - Friday : 11.30am to 2.30pm : 5.00pm to 10pm


Facebook :

You can find us here