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Pita & Olives

In the time where restaurants have not existed, friends and families gathered together to eat, share  dishes, exchange news and chat about anything. While gathering together amidst the camaraderie of babbling conversations, laughters, cheers and clinking glasses and plates, strangers became friends and bonded over the aromas of food. Inspired, Pita & Olives tries to replicate it and we bring to you this semblance with a cozy place for you to enjoy our tasty dishes in true Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavor and atmosphere.


With dim lights hanged over tables and the quiet and peaceful environment, the restaurant gives a cozy and warm atmosphere. It is a perfect place for couples to spend their time or dine together. Also, it is fairly suitable for families to bond over dinnner or lunch. 


Come over to Pita and Olives for the perfect place to bond and eat!


Address : 

100 Tras Street
100AM #03-10
Singapore 079027


Opening Hours : 

Monday to Sunday 11am to 9pm


Serves : Mediterranean Cuisin


Best For : Groups or Individual


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Facebook :

You can find us here