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SleepPro Singapore


Genuinely helping snorers & Bruxism ( teeth grinders)

Company Overview

Sleeppro Singapore is the Exclusive Sole distributors for Asia. Our principal SleepPro UK and MEDiTAS Ltd  have been involved with sleep diagnostics and treatment of sleep disorders and snoring since 1998.

We developed the SleepPro System (a mandibular advancement splint/device) as an affordable and effective means of treating snoring. Our products have completed few clinical trials for sleep apnea patients with good results.

SleepPro products are Medically Approved and recommended by sleep clinics, hospitals, doctors and dentists throughout The United Kingdom, Australia, Europe & Singapore.  Approved by NHS UK, Australian health Department & registered with HSA Spore.  SleepPro products sold in 16 countries & new in Asia.


The Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) mouth-piece is often the first recommendation a doctor will advise to snorers. Many Doctors supply SleepPro mouth-pieces to their patients because they’re very comfortable, low cost, easy to use and stop many of the most severe cases of snoring. 

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