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The Double FlowRider® is the more basic of the two waves available at Wave House Sentosa, and is the first step to your exhilarating flowboarding experience.

Endlessly fun to ride, this wave creates a safe, non-curling, endless sheet of water flowing at 20mph (32 km/h) over a composite vinyl surface, much like a trampoline. Riders can carve up and down the surface and perform many tricks similar to other board sports.

This wave offers riders of all levels, from beginner to expert, the perfect canvas to improve their flowriding.

The easiest way to enjoy the Double FlowRider® is on a body board which makes it a big hit for people of all ages; kids on bodyboards especially love it and will stay on the flow all day long, while those wanting to learn to stand up on flowboards will start here to learn the skills they’ll need on the FlowBarrel®.

So whether you are looking to ride like a pro or just to try something new and exciting, the Double FlowRider® is where it all starts.

Fact: 30,000 gallons per minute of water flows as fast as 20mph (32 km/h) over a composite vinyl surface to generate this thin, fast-moving sheet of water.


The more dynamic of the two sheet waves at Wave House Sentosa – the FlowBarrel® pumps 100,000 gallons of water per minute flowing as fast as 30mph (48 km/h) to create the perfect endless barreling wave that can challenge many of the waves breaking along the reefs of Indonesia and other international surf meccas surfers travel the world looking for.

The FlowBarrel® has become an international sensation, not just to surfers, but to all thrill seekers alike.

Flowboarding combines elements from a variety of board sports including surfing, snowboarding, skimboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding.

It has evolved since the 1980s, tested and shaped by the world’s best alternative board athletes; such as epic surfer Kelly Slater, skateboard legend Tony Hawk, snowboard champion Terje Haakonsen, bodyboard inventor Tom Morey, snowboarding half pipe wizard Shaun White and skimboard master Bill "Beaker" Bryan. These giants have all learned the ways of the flow.

Today the FlowBarrel is an international sensation in a sport where the best riders are busting air-defying tricks on endless perfect sheet waves at Wave Houses all over the world, including Wave House Sentosa.

If you are seeking the adrenaline rush of a lifetime, come on down to Wave House Sentosa to experience the latest in board sport technology.


Wave House Sentosa Singapore

Wave House Sentosa, the most iconic in a global family of Wave House venues, is the place to experience the Californian beach lifestyle with high-adrenaline flowboarding on the world famous Double FlowRider® and 10-foot FlowBarrel® wave rides. 

Chill out to the beat of awesome live music as you savor modern Californian– Asian cuisine at the Wave House Sentosa Restaurant + Bar or cool off from the tropical heat and mingle with some of the most attractive people on the island at the outdoor Barrel and Rider Beach Bars. All this spread across its idyllic 70,000 square feet tropical beachfront setting at Siloso Beach, Sentosa. 

Have a blast riding the waves, relax with friends and family with pizzas and cocktails at the outdoor beach bars, or party till late Wave House Sentosa offers the ultimate blend of entertainment and flowboarding that’s fun for all ages!


Address :

36 Siloso Beach Walk
Singapore 099007


Opening Hours :

Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 10:30 pm



Double FlowRider®
MONDAYS TO SUNDAYS  11.00am - 10.00pm
Including Public Holidays

Including Public Holidays

  1. Minimum 3 riders are required per 1 hour FlowBarrel® session.
  2. Sessions run every hour on the half hour.
  3. Register at the Wave Desk at least 30 minutes prior to the hour you intend to ride. 
  4. All rides are subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis.
  5. Valid for walk-in only, no phone reservations. 
  6. Call the Wave Desk Hotline at 6238 1196 for wave enquiries.  
  7. Call the main line at 6377 3113 for corporate/ private lane bookings.
  8. Minimum 3 riders required per 1 hour FlowBarrel session

Rules of Riding :

  • ALL Riders must present a government photo identification in order to ride.
  • Riders must be over 107cm (42") to bodyboard on the FlowRider®.
  • Riders must be over 133cm (52") to ride standup on the FlowRider or to ride the FlowBarrel®.
  • Riders must ride the FlowRider® for at least one 1 hour before advancing to the FlowBarrel®.
  • Riders under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian with a valid photo
  • identification present to sign off on their indemnity form.
  • Riders must be able to swim in fast-moving, turbulent water.
  • Do not participate if you have had any recent surgery or illness.
  • Do not participate if you have a heart condition or neck, back and bone ailments.
  • Do not participate if you suffer from high blood pressure or aneurysms.
  • Do not participate if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


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