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Optimum phytonutrient is the cure for tomorrow

Phyto House provides nutrition, health consultancy and preliminary diagnostics service to all individuals. Studies have shown that optimum intake of nutrition can help to slow down ageing and in some cases it can reverse short-sightedness, hypertension, eczema etc.

Abraham Lincoln once said: You can fool some people all of the time, or fool all of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. Fortunately, an increasing number of people understand the importance of nutrition; I hope now it is time to understand the importance of phytonutrients. The colours of phytonutrients are primarily red, purple, white, green and orange/yellow colours of fruits.

Red helps improve prostate health and DNA damage reversal.

Purple helps cognitive and heart health, improve arterial function and provide antioxidant protection.

White helps promote healthy bones, improve circulatory health and arterial function.

Green helps maintain healthy cells, arterial function, lung and liver function.

Orange/yellow helps maintain healthy eye, immune system, hydration of skin and proper growth and development.


Phyto House

Run by Director Mark Wong Chee Kong, 7-year veteran Nutritionist, Phyto House specializes in aiding and consulting people who are seeking a stress-free yet highly effective strategy in maintaining their health without greatly compromising their life-styles. Procedures such as nutrition and health consultancies as well as preliminary diagnostics services are available.


Clients will be guaranteed confidentiality regarding any sharing of their medical histories or other such information; this information would be used to analyze and create the perfect strategy for the individual client.


What sets Phyto House apart is its meticulousness and attention to detail; not only in discerning what food would be best for the client, but also how the food should be prepared and then even the manner in which it should be eaten. Recipes and instructional templates are available, and each one is crafted specifically for individual clients.


Such strategies and plans have resulted for clients in prevention of excessive weight gain or loss, removal of toxins, replenishing of nutrients and drastic reduction of risk from ailments and diseases. All this is achieved and arranged in such a way as to be as convenient and stress-free as possible for the client.


The astute planning and detailing for specific, individual clients is what makes Phyto House a unique and prime choice for one to attain and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.


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