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Dog Dot Cafe

Dog Dot Café is a berth for you and your furry companions to dine and also socialize with other dog lovers. Even if you do not own a dog of your own, you will be able to interact with Dog Dot’s very own in-house Chihuahua, Rudolph, and Pomeranian, Kupi. Dog Dot café is also the to go place if you would like your dog to socialize with other dogs.


Having a spacious room for the dogs to roam around, it is the best place to let your pooches roam free for them to explore and also play around with their friends.  While the pooches interact with one another, the owners can rest and enjoy the food that can be found in the café at the tables that is set on a separate side of the café.


Food for both humans and their furry companions are available to choose from. It will be the perfect place for both humans and dogs to enjoy a special treat after a tiring work week. 


Address : 

No. 207
16 Morse Road
Singapore 099228


Opening Hours : 

Wednesday to Thursday : 12pm to 8pm
Friday                                          : 12pm to 11pm
Saturday                                    : 11am to 11pm
Sunday                                        : 11am to 8pm


Facebook :

You can find us here