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Natural breast enhancement is the safest and healthiest way to attain a fuller, more curvaceous bustline. With no costly and dangerous breast implants. No injection. And no pills.


We provide the complete range of treatments to enhance your figure naturally :

  • Koy You Magic
    • An effective glands stimulator, Kou You Magic revitalises and strengthens breast support tissues to enhance the decollete area. Using Japanese massage therapy and special equipment, Kou You Magic will help to open up the lymphatic nodes around the breast are for healthy maintenace of breast tissue.
  • Senchi Plus Massage
    • Celebrate your femininity and cultivate a sensual bust cleavage. Senchi Plus massage uses a patent bust serum that help to distribute volume for under developed bust whilst stimulating the formation of healthy breast tissues. A manual massage solution customised to your intimate needs, Senchi Plys massage ensures perfection.
  • X10 Senchi Plus
    • ?X10 Senchi Plus is an advanced version of Senchi Plus massage. Delivering faster results, X10 Senchi Plus uses additional massage steps to enchanve the treatment for faster and better results.
  • Shokybutzu Hormone Essence
    • ?Firmer, curvaceous breasts create an attractive and youthful appearance - which is what most women yearn for. Shokubutzu Hormone Essence has high level of phytoestrogens to effectively rejuvenates the skin and enhance the firmness of your breast. A specially tailored treatment for sagging breasts, Shokubutz hormone essence rewinds the effects of age to help regain that youthful fullness.
  • Okina C
    • ?Using our signature equipment specially designed for bust therapy, Okina C is an intensive programme to further enhance the effectiveness of our treatment products. Gentle to sensitive breast tissue and nerves yet effective in promoting greater penetration of our products, Okina V helps to strengthen breast capillaries by stimulating blood circulation
  • Pinku Nipple
    • ?Pinku Nipple treatment effectively recuperates devolourized nippes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Resulting in lighter coloured nupples, Pinku Nipple treatment aids in removing dead skin cells and smoothing the sking to make it suppler and lighter toned.
  • Daizu Mask
    • ?A signature of Tokyo Bust Express, Daizu Mask completes your enhancement treatment.. Infused with organic Japanese soy essence, Daizu Mask delivers the ultimate results for healthy maintenance of our treatments.

Customized Solution

Ready for a new you? Enhance your natural beauty - and confidence with our result-oriented treatments specially formulated for :

  • The less endowed who wants to enhance the size of her breasts and look more feminine.
  • Ladies who have sagging or droppy breasts
  • Ladies who lost a cup or two after weight loss program
  • Ladies with unhalanced bust posture
  • Mothers who lost breast firmness and suppleness after childbirth 
  • Ladies who have taken pills to conceive and drop a cup size in the process
  • Ladies who generally feel inadequate of their bust size
  • Other problems that lead to smaller breasts or unbalanced posture


Tokyo Bust Express

A woman’s best assets need a perk-me-up every now and then. Tokyo Bust Express does just that; bring in your unconfident mammaries for a bust analysis first, as specialists examine shape and sagginess, and consult customers over bust expectations, dissatisfaction and changes you would like to see. Specialists will then choose a treatment that best suits bust needs – whether it is the bust size, shape, uneven breasts, saggy breasts or even bust health you are concerned about. 

Tokyo Bust Express sets the pace in its foray of bust solutions to provide surpassed and progressive results executed through technological programs coupled with productive ingredients. 

Embarking on to a higher level of efficacy with the most advanced technology, Tokyo Bust Express has adopted the purest of organic soy extracts.

Tokyo Bust Express is with you in solving your bust problems. 


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Ngee Ann City
391A Orchard Road Tower B
Singapore 238873

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