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Clients have the flexibility and ability to choose from an endless list of choice for your workplace. We offer great unique workshops and seminars to help your colleagues and employees understand themselves better. From inner wellness and relaxation to external physique.

We will touch on aspects such as bio-mechanics of the body for injury prevention and strengthening, motor skills for development of gross and fine muscle control. Also, balance, reaction, agility and multitasking. Our programs have the flexibility to be used both in Performing Arts & for anyone else interested in all these programs.

We also cater to specific training for Theatre/Dance Companies & Musicians, Singers & Bands.


Art of Movement

  • Incorporation of Theatre & Physical Movement Techniques
  • Applied Psychology
  • Science of Movement

This programme will help to expand ones creative edge and increase communication. A safe space for exploration without judgement and will be guided throughout the program. It can range from a one day workshop to 10 weeks.

Communication 101

  • Fun & Engaging Practical Classes
  • Creative Improvisations
  • Good Mixture of Applied Psychology
  • Exciting Dance & Movement

This programme is created through use of exciting and fun activities. A out of the box styled program to engage you all the way. Bringing out the best in anyone to communicate in any movement or form.

Physical Movement & Fitness

  • Understanding Bio-mechanics Through Exercise
  • Physical Movement with Theatre & Dance for Fitness
  • Open to All Fitness Levels
  • Progressive Programming
  • Postural Correction*
  • Personal Nutrition*

This program will allow anyone from of any fitness level to take part and learn about your body and be aware of your limitations and how far you can be pushed. A step by step approach that will give you all the tools you need to become the best that you can be!

Theatre Technical Training

Creative Fitness SG works with Artistic Directors/Creatives from Theatre. To build holistic programmes for actors and all involved in creating a well balanced training and to allow actors to push beyond ones limit in Acting/Physical Techniques. We work to bind the Exercise & Sports Science Techniques together with Theatrical techniques to bring out the best in Actors to be ready whenever wherever!

Musicians & Bands Technical Training

Creative Fitness SG works with Bands and Musicians to bring out stage presence, spatial awareness and all forms of communication with fellow members of a band and audience. An additional tool in the bag of tricks a performer can pull out at any time to surprise the audience or to hype up the crowd!

*Please check with us directly should you require it


Creative Fitness SG

Our Beginnings


Creative Fitness SG was a creation through an exploration of the Arts together with Fitness. A one stop hub for all things to do with fitness incorporated with creative planning and execution of movement based training taken out from the Stage. Creative Fitness SG works in collaboration with many Art practitioners in many walks of life. From actors, singers and directors, we pride ourselves in deep comprehensive experimental programs that have been successful in areas of Theatre. We are constantly expanding our repertoire of training programs for the general public and Art practitioners. Creative Fitness SG looks toward the future in bringing about education of both fitness and basic technical performing arts movement skills to everyone. A fitness revolution with a twist, with theatrics and movements infused into one. With support from performing artistes and many practitioners, we are happy to give you a one of kind experience that can only be experienced through exploring oneself. Creative Fitness SG will provide you the tools to opening up your creative side and explore deeper into understanding yourself better.




The mission of Creative Fitness SG is to lead and motivate people from all walks of life in whichever stage of life to a healthier, fruitful and holistic wellness through our Arts+Fitness & Corporate programs. We do this by inspiring, motivating and supporting people worldwide to achieve their desired goals in fitness and wellness through premium top quality training.


Our goals are to promote the highest quality in training with ethical standards and credibility in our programs – and to be a leader in the new age of health and fitness training worldwide.


Founder Bio


Emile Dumont is the main driving force for the creative ideas of incorporating performing arts into fitness. With a Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Edith Cowan University in Australia. He found an interest in bringing together performing arts and fitness together. With interest in Exercise Programming, Motor Control and keen interest in finding for the bridge that brings together Theatre and the Arts with Sports. He had spent months reading and researching about how Theatre works.


Also, in the midst of his own research, he was given the chance to run test programs for a close friend and artistic directors to be. Collaborating, realizing that the program worked successfully. He then continued exploring many more areas and more in depth research into different genres of Theatre and attending more performance to better experience it. He continued collaborations with other genres of the Arts, continuing the search to find effective ways to bring about a fitness revolution on and off stage.


His mission is to promote preventive injury management and fitness levels on and off stage up for all theatre practitioners and people interested in keeping fit through alternative creative exercises. The program was crafted to fit all walks of life as Emile Dumont wanted inclusion of family, friends and anyone else interested. Now teaching with Lasalle, building a program for theatre students, he is driven to see changes done in many areas in both the Arts and Fitness industries. 


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