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TMP Fitness

Founded in 1992, TMP Fitness delivers comprehensive health and fitness services, to individuals and corporations alike, which are total wellness and health educational programs, planned and developed with the latest scientific know-how and its own in-house medical resources.

Our wellness programs embody strategies, through exercise and advice on proper nutrition and early detection of disease, that not only improve one’s present personal health, and help lower health risk and avoid preventable illnesses, but also inculcate in one the knowledge to make informed decisions about maintaining one’s health and well-being.


Services :-

  • Individual and Small Group Personal Training Programs
  • Group Exercise Programs
  • Children Fitness and Movement Program
  • Muay Thai Fitness
  • Tennis for Adults and Kids
  • Sports Massage
  • Bone Setting
  • Corporate Wellness Programs


Address :

55 Newton Road
#05-01 Revenue House
Singapore 307987



Facebook :

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