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Matcha5 is a global online e-commerce marketplace exclusive to underprivileged artisan vendors who can set up their own branded e-store and list products on the site, while takes a percentage commission cut from each successful sale. Some services provides to its vendors include but not limited to driving traffic, product photography, branding and international shipping consultancy. provides training to artisan vendors to enable them to run on their own in the long term, creating sustainability. matcha5 also engages in offline sales through pop-up booths in Singapore (currently) as well as customised gifts in bulk orders such as wedding gifts. At, consumers will be able to discover stylish and unique handmade items, and explore the world of these artisans through their stories.

Artisan vendors currently onboard matcha5 are from different countries such as Philippines, Cambodia, India, Nepal and South Africa. These artisan vendors work with local non-profit organisations, governmental organisations, local co-operative groups and work on the premise of providing craft jobs with fair wages to beneficiaries. These artisans face different tough circumstances such as poverty, disabilities, post-disaster effects (i.e. Typhoon Haiyan) and human trafficking. Regular demand of their stylish handmade products provides them with sustainable and dignified lives.


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