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Hi Everyone!

I am GIGGLES, the Love Ambassador whose dream is to bring Love to everyone. I believe that Play can bring Joy and Happiness to everyone regardless of their age.
I am so happy that starting from March 2015, many children can bring me home by joining GIGGLES Club, and being part of the family.

This is the motto which I believe in:-

“Stay in Faith, Walk in Love.”



Fun@Giggles aims to provide edutainment products and services to all children including those with special needs. We believe that Play is essential to a child’s early development. Therefore, our goal is to create an environment that promotes love and inclusiveness for all children. We encourage children to play freely with one another developing social and physical skills thus stimulating their own intellectual development. Parents are also encouraged to play and bond together with their children.

Fun@Giggles comprises of two areas:

1) Entertainment
GIGGLES Indoor Playground has an open concept playground set in an indoor environment. Its facilities include a SONA (An Interactive Playground System), Activity Tower as well as SNUG Play which promote active bonding between parents and their children. Through the various Play equipment, we hope to inspire social communication, imagination and enhance physical development in children. With the addition of indoor water play area, children can learn, develop gross and fine motor skills and Most Importantly, it creates a FUN experience for them.

2) Education
GIGGLES Play House is an education hub where we want to educate children through Play. We believe in the importance of sensory development for children especially for those with special needs. Every child is unique and learns differently. In order to develop the interest in a child’s learning, we enter into their world by playing with them. Therefore we have developed our own play-based program “Joy of Learning” for children between 3 to 8 years old. We encourage a loving, nurturing and accepting way of letting these children develop their interest to learn through a 1 to 1 session with our caring play facilitator at GIGGLES Play Room.


Address :

GIGGLES Indoor Playground
87 Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440087

GIGGLES Play House
87 Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440087


Operating Hours :

GIGGLES Indoor Playground
Daily : 10.00am - 7.00pm

Giggles Play House
Daily : 10.00am - 6.00pm





You can find us here