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5 SENSI provides culinary training for businesses that include recipe creation, preparation methods, skills & proficiency, dish design, and nutrition. Classes include tailor-made recipes and unveil the mystery behind each element of a dish. This equips participants with the skills and ability to understand each ingredient and bring out maximum flavor and nutritional potential in their fares.

  • Corporate culinary classes  (Recipes creation, method of work, dish design, tasting)  
  • Culinary nutrition (Spa & Wellness menus, dietary and nutrition education)   
  • Food & Wine pairing Classes 


  • Hands-on Private culinary classes (Italian, Mediterranean, European, Fusion, international pastry and bakery)
  • Health – Nutrition – Spa Cuisine (culinary foundations, farm to table cuisine, Booster food, plant food, specialty diets, restorative cooking for optimal health)


5 SENSI provides wine masterclasses for passionate individuals or food and beverage businesses. We will take you on a journey to learn how to taste and appreciate a variety of wines. Learn about wines from different regions, their history & culture, the wine making process and how to pair them with the right food.



5 SENSI is a life concept. It embodies the belief that in order to truly live life, one must live in a holistic manner. one must immerse his or her entire being into complete sensory experiences; take in the sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. 5 Sensi also believes in the purity of sensations. One must be happy and healthy in the body and the mind; Live life and live life well.

The Living Dream:
5 SENSI was created to revolutionize guest experiences.

Food is inexplicably linked to our lives. How we eat determines how we live. When people start to think about the food they eat, they make a fundamental change in themselves. Imagine a world where people engage in the full faculty of their senses to each and every meal. Thoughtful eating is the key to having a good life.

The 5 SENSI dream is for people to have good lives through eating holistically.

Driven by passion and pride, 5 SENSI aims to lead the Food and Beverage industry in becoming more effective and efficient. We are a privately held dining consultancy and lifestyle company based in Singapore that aims to bring our recipe for success to passionate individuals considering start-ups in the Food and Beverage industry and also to help independent restaurants improve their existing concepts.

5 SENSI will help our clients improve revenue and returns in their food businesses while challenging existing boundaries.

Guided by values and harmony, we aim to utilize our deep industrial experience and work with our extensive network to accomplish the 5 SENSI dream. With proven track record in their respective subject matters, our team of consultants has the capability to perform insightful analysis and come up with innovative yet practical solutions. We specialize in creating exciting and sustainable restaurant concepts which include restaurant design, branding, menu development and culinary expertise, all customized to our clients’ needs.





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