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iSteamboat Chinese Restaurant

Located in the popular district of City Hall, iSteamboat is a family-concept Chinese restaurant, which serves over 40 ingredients for its steamboat buffet and also a wide variety of specially home-cooked dishes. With its food ingredients containing less salt, less oil, less deep-fried items and no MSG, iSteamboat is a much healthier alternative for a steamboat and dining meal experience. Instead of using normal cooking oil, iSteamboat opts for vegetable oil and also ensures that the ingredients are properly boiled beforehand. To make it easier for customers, we prepare our ingredients by cutting and slicing them up first. At iSteamboat, we want to ensure that all of our customers to have a satisfactory steamboat dining experience and will definitely worth the value.

iSteamboat is Singapore’s number one family-concept Chinese restaurant that provides simple, economical and a much healthier food choice. It is not just delicious, but affordable and accessible to everyone as well. iSteamboat strives to provide a unique Chinese cuisine that will give customers fulfillment and satisfaction as they dine in together with their family and friends. 

Address :

6 Raffles Boulevard #04-102A
Marina Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 039594

Opening Hours:

Mon - Thur:
12:00 noon - 10:00 pm
Fri, Sat, Sun, Eves of & On Public Holidays:
12:00 noon - 10:30 pm



You can find us here