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  • Price : $25.00

Sam Gye Tang ???

special ginseng chicken soup with various traditional Korean herbs and ginseng

  • Price : $15.00

Kimchi Jji Gae with rice ????

Spicy Kimchi soup with pork belly and tofu in a very korean way

  • Price : $15.00

Doen Jang Jji Gae with rice ????

Soybean paste soup with vegetables and tofu in a very Korean way

  • Price : $16.00

Seol Leong Tang with rice ???

Beef bone soup with beef and glass noodle

  • Price : $16.00

Yuk Gae Jang with rice ???

Spicy soup with meat, vegetables, glass noodle and egg [beef or chicken]


Gangnaroo Korean Restaurant

Anyeonghaseyo! If you are having a Korean fever and craving for some appetizing Korean Cuisines, hop by to Gangnaroo Korean Restaurant. Gangnaroo, manned by a team of courteous Koreans believes in serving quality, authentic food. Using the freshest ingredient, they serve up to you a whole new authentic Korean experience.

Some of the signature dishes are such as Yuk Gae Jang (Korean Beef Soup) and Bibimbap.  Not to forget the delicious home-made side dishes such as Kimchi, Potato Salad, Eggroll and Anchovies.

Being a casual family restaurant, Gangnaroo is great for any occasions, be it with your family or friends. It is always a time of gathering at Gangnaroo.

Don’t miss out on this exciting experience! Go Gangnaroo Style!


Operating Hours: 

Mon to Fri: 1130 - 1500, 1730 - 2230
Sat: 1730 - 2230
Closed on Sun


Serves: Authentic Korean Cuisines


Best For: Family Dining, Casual Dining, Gathering


Address: 35 Circular Road, Singapore 049391


MRT: Clarke Quay


Bus: No. 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, 51, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174 and 174E



You can find us here